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Richmond TW9 3AW
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About Us

Legends Boxing Gym offers an easy to follow syllabus of boxing and conditioning for everyone from 7 to 69 yrs old. In this syllabus you can take your boxing skills and physical fitness to new levels; this applies to complete beginners or more accomplished boxers alike.
We know how important keeping fit and healthy is but the real challenge is how we tick all the boxes of cardio, endurance and strength whilst making the training interesting, challenging and enjoyable. We have, therefore, designed a training system from beginner to accomplished boxer which will be practiced on our specially designed equipment to help you develop all the skills of a boxer from footwork routines to punch combinations. The Legends syllabus also guides you through the physical fitness aspects of a boxer, developing a sound endurance that we can add strength and power to whilst, at the same time, keeping flexibility and range of movement in your muscles because, as you will agree, a boxers physique and level of fitness is one of the best you can achieve.

Meet the Legends Coaches
Harvey Morgan
Head Boxing Coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer
As the Head Coach and designer of the Legends boxing syllabus, I am full of passion and take personal responsibility for your level of fitness; I inspire everyone to push to achieve their best every time they attend Legends Boxing Gym. With over 35 yrs experience in boxing and still a growing passion to learn and improve, I am the 'go to person' with all your boxing questions. A fully qualified Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach, I am pleased to help you in any class you attend or design you a personal programme to achieve all your boxing and fitness goals