Legends Boxing Gym Ltd.
4 Kew Bridge Arches
Richmond TW9 3AW
Head office0208-948-5689
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Children’s Boxing

About This Class

Legends offers classes for children aged between 7-16 yrs. In these classes they will learn boxing skills which will help to improve their agility, balance, timing and co-ordination. Functional movement training is practiced to promote transferable strength and endurance in their muscles, also bodyweight exercises relative to their level of maturity and development are part of the syllabus design. These classes are non-contact so NO HEAD SPARRING is carried out, although all the skills of boxing are taught and sometimes they apply these skills to body sparring which is fully supervised and limited to their level of learning. We understand that although boxing is great for fitness and an amazing way to build self-confidence, not all children will want to box competitively, therefore we welcome all children and allow them to find their own path.